Spray Foam

The Toughest Insulation There is

When you’re insulating a home, business, agricultural building– anything that needs to be sealed against cold, moisture, pests and even noise– Spray Foam is the best way to go.

Spray foam specialist working outside

Two ingredients are combined in a spray gun which come together, expand to
completely fill cracks and gaps, and dry rock-solid with the highest possible insulation per square inch.

Get the ratio of the two chemicals wrong and you’ll end up with a home that smells
like a fish market that can even be toxic. Rhino Spray Systems has years of experience with spray foam and is certified by CUFCA, the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association.

Why Choose Spray Foam?

  • Powerful Insulation
    R6 per inch is the highest level of insulation available, capable of standing up to sub-zero temperatures outside while keeping the inside at a perfect room temperature.
  • Energy Savings up to 50%
    Keeping heat in means that you’ll run your air conditioner less in summer and your boiler or radiators less in winter. Exact energy savings depend on a whole host of factors, but the saving is always substantial- anything from 30% to 50% is common. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to buy less expensive furnaces and air conditioners. It doesn’t take long for Spray Foam Insulation to start paying for itself.
  • Air Tight
    Any gap in your insulation lets a significant amount of heat out, and the dozens of tiny gaps that you’d find in a typical Batt insulation job could add up to square foot gap in the protective layer around your home. Would you want a foot-wide hole in your wall? Didn’t think so. Spray Foam expands to completely fill gaps in any surface it’s applied to.
  • Moisture Tight
    Moisture can soak into the soft foam used in Batting, creating mold that will destroy the batting or soaking through into your home. Spray Foam is 100% moisture tight, and because it’s non-biological it can’t become a home for mold.
  • Around Forever
    Once Spray Foam has been applied it will work as good as the day you installed it for the next eighty years. It also doesn’t change shape or sag, so you know that the perfect seal you had on day one is going to stay. Trust us, your structure is going to be the toughest in town.
  • Keeps Out Pests & Dust
    The impenetrable layer that Spray Foam insulation provides doesn’t just keep cold out, it means that mice, ants and other pests can’t get in and that dust floating through the air can’t settle in your house. You heard right- Spray Foam Insulation means that you have to clean up less.

Rhino Spray Systems is part of the Home Improvement Rebate program’s contractor network, meaning that your insulation work is eligible for a rebate of up to $3,500. You can learn more about the program here, but we can guide you through the process of getting your rebate as part of our service to you.