Rhino Spray Systems does one thing: Spray-in solutions. Making homes as warm as your favourite sweater by installing spray foam and blown-in insulation that’s as tough as nails, that can keep out that harshest Canadian winter, the hottest summer and the most determined pests while saving homeowners serious money.


It gets cold up here: days when the mercury drops below -30oC aren’t uncommon, and -50oC isn’t unheard of. Then for the other half of the year the temperature is almost tropical, complete with storms and mosquitos.

Our insulation needs to be the best because nature’s going to do her worst.

That’s why Rhino uses foam with the highest R-value available- the measure of how much insulation a material provides. That doesn’t just mean you’ll be warm and toasty all winter, it means that new homes can be built tougher, with smaller, cheaper furnaces and boilers, saving money both during the build and in the long term. Tough spray foam also keeps out rodents and insects that can quietly do a lot of damage to homes, saving on expensive exterminator and repair bills.


Rock-solid insulation makes a whole lot of sense- especially when there’s a $3,500 rebate available for making your home energy efficient.




Even the tiniest gaps in standard Batt insulation can add up to a foot-wide hole in the protective layer around your house, letting in cold, moisture and vermin as easily as an open window. Spray foam expands to fill every gap in your walls, creating a solid, strong coat of armour that can last a lifetime and could save you anywhere between 30 and 50% on your heating bill.


Quicker and less expensive than Spray Foam, and in some cases just as effective, Blown-In Insulation is installed by piping in loose fibreglass or cellulose shreds until it completely covers an area. Unlike Spray Foam Insulation, Blown In Insulation can be made from 100% recycled material.

Rock Guard Treatments
Rock Guard Treatments

After your home, your vehicle is going to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Rhino Rock Guard treatments can make any vehicle more resistant to everyday wear and tear. Whether your need a truck bed reinforced so you can carry heavy loads without scratches or a rocker bed toughened up so you can tear through dirt roads like they were freshly paved highways, our professional treatments are what it takes to get you ready for the road.

Rhino Spray Systems review summary

0on Facebook,Apr 15, 2019


They did my garage, quickly and efficiently, very happy with the outcome, will highly recommend them, very professional with reasonable prices! Thanks again Alex!

0on Facebook,Mar 23, 2019


On time and work done to the highest quality. Eager to do another little project together.

0on Facebook,Mar 20, 2019


Over the years I have known Alex he has proven to be a professional and hard worker. Someone who will not let you down.

5on Google,Mar 13, 2019


Very pleased with the work done by Alex with Rhino Spray Systems. I had my basement walls sprayed. Price was very good! Prompt service, easy payment options, and the job was done very well. I came home to a clean job and felt the difference in temperature instantly.

4on BirdEye,Jan 07, 2019


Great communication and flexibility. Worked with our schedule and were pleasant to deal with. Alex was very knowledgable and is going that extra mile to help us get a rebate from the government. Unfortunately, prices did increase from our original quote in 2018, but it is understandable with the new year and we would recommend them regardless.

5on BirdEye,Nov 21, 2018


Had Alex do blown in insulation in my garage. Fast and friendly service.

5on BirdEye,Oct 26, 2018


Great Job. Very professionally done excellent work. Good knowledgeable crew who cared about what I wanted and that I was happy with the work. Job site was left clean and very minimal trimming left to do before wall sheeting can go on. Over all a great job and I would defiantly recommend Alex to anyone looking to get spray foam done.

0on Facebook,Oct 13, 2018


Polite, professional, excellent work, reasonably priced and excellent cleanup. Highly recommended!

0on Facebook,Sep 18, 2018


Excellent job, great pricing and all around pleasant to work with.

5on Google,Sep 15, 2018


Rhino Spray foam did a great job insulating our school bus conversion for winter living! I would definitely recommend

5on BirdEye,Sep 01, 2018


I found Alex very professional and prompt to deal with he showed Up when he said he was going to and found his work and product very acceptable

5on BirdEye,Aug 29, 2018


Worked professionally in tight spaces

5on BirdEye,Aug 09, 2018


Very personable, quick responses to questions. Timely and efficient work. Will call again for other projects.

5on Facebook,Jul 17, 2018


Turned out perfect. Thanks for the great job

5on Yellow Pages,Jul 10, 2018


Professional and to the point, he did not charge me more than quoted and on time.

5on BirdEye,Jul 02, 2018


Alex applied spray foam insulation to my home renovation project near Redwater It was a challenging project with 16’ vaulted ceilings, unusual additions and basement Friendly, conscientious, easy to work with and competitive rates. I plan to use him again for blow in insulation and other spray foam work. He is very knowledgeable and I am pleased with the final result Thank you Alex for an excellent job!

5on BirdEye,Jun 11, 2018


Worked very independently on my project. Required very little guidance to deliver a complete product.

5on BirdEye,Jun 08, 2018


Alex has been very accommodating as well as very professional.

5on Facebook,Jun 07, 2018


Alex did everything asked and more. Very good job thank you!!


The best spray foam available wouldn’t mean much without the service to back it up. Insulation is a difficult product, and the wrong mix can leave your house smelling so bad that you couldn’t stand to live there. At Rhino Spray Systems we’ve been doing this long enough to get it done right the first time, all the time, and we’ll back that up with a bulletproof warranty.

We’ll also respond to any email within 24 hours during the week, guaranteed.

Tough solutions for residential and commercial clients in the Peace Country serving Grand Prairie and surrounding area.